30 Days of Seeking God Challenge



I have heard it said probably like a thousand times.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you” Matthew 6:33.

But what does that really mean? How do you truly seek after God or put him first? That’s why I’m on a quest. A quest to figure out if I just take a little bit of time and stretch it to a lot of time with God, over time will I see the results and reaping of my complete loyalty to him? I have been through so many challenges in life, many brought on by choices I made that didn’t put him first. Now I’m thinking in retrospect, did you really seek him first before you did that? Maybe that’s why this went wrong or that went wrong. “Oh I know why this feels doomed, it’s not really ordained by God.” Thinking to myself in the end though that God can turn anything around that I struggle with and even turn it around for my good, but I just need to take the time to seek him. I must seek him, like I search after things intensely that actually don’t help me with the eternal consequences if I don’t give God the glory.

So challenge number one: TAKE TIME OUT EACH DAY, QUALITY TIME, TO WORSHIP HIM. NOTE THE BENEFITS AND CHALLENGES, THEN INCREASE THE WORSHIP TIME! Note: During this time intentionally decrease time doing unproductive or time-eating activities. “He must increase, as I decrease.” John 3:30. Have a journal log of what happens for 30 days. Also, make a list of possible ways to spend time with God, that includes consistency and intentionality, BEFORE STARTING THE CHALLENGE! If you were going to be up for a new job and had to plea your case in 30 days, you would get ready for it, right? You would make plans and be at optimum performance level for those 30 days, not just start ideas and give up, or even just stop going to work. An example of a Worship Plan could be: Pray every morning  for 5 min and jot each night in the journal and include 1 scripture from the Bible to encourage yourself.  Then increase to 10 min and maybe end at 20 min a day by the end of the challenge. Can help to have some variety or choices of worship like Christian music and books to accompany the prayer. But pray daily and mean what you say. So I’m up for the challenge, are you? Join hands with me and let’s take this journey together and share our stories. I will have check ins on progress, make sure to leave a comment or write me to update me on yours! Let God get all the Glory! Amen!!

Day 1-7 Starting the cycle was just praying daily and saying scripture out loud so that I feel the presence of God.  Overtime, I was touched by the spirit and it made me long for more time. I was woken up by thoughts of how to connect with him.  Or when days went wrong, I thought to myself, did I pray?  I realized without the connection and presence of God, I felt empty.  I felt a longing that only could be filled by the Holy Spirit.

Day 8-29 Create a War Room in a closet or a War Wall (due to lack of space) in which you post positive scripture and affirmations that will help you fight the negativity and be


filled with God’s Word. Watch War Room Movie, it is the inspiration!  Continue spending time daily connecting with God and keeping your thoughts on him. Day 30 I went through the entire cycle and it was amazing and changed my life. I have the confidence and the stability to withstand the daily ups and downs now that I have made a connection to the LIFE GIVER. I want life, and I want to live it more abundantly.  Don’t get me wrong, it has not just been roses and everything be so easy.  I have had to take the time to fight for my life by connecting to God and thankful to him for all he has done!

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