Challenge 5: 30 Days Wait Challenge!


For this challenge, it took for me to get out of my comfort zone a bit.  I used a book by a young author close to my age named Nathaniel H. Drew. His book is called “While You’re waiting, God’s Not Yet is Not a No.”  My journey of challenges has been over a few years now off and on.  I feel stronger and wiser but that probably makes me want to do things on my own and right away, not having to wait.  During this challenge, I experienced a lot of heartache and pain.  Within my home and my life, I started to notice a feeling of wanting to get out of my situation. Wanting to just be done and start all over like a reset button. But I was reminded that I decided to start this challenge for a reason, so there must be something waiting on the other side.  I think the thing waiting on the other side is a new me.  Here is the issue. I felt desperate during this challenge at first.  I was urged to think about what I really wanted and how willing am I to wait so that I can get it.  I thought “Oh my goodness how long will I actually have to wait, and will my emotions get the best of me?”

But then, changes started to happen to me as I read the scripture and pondered on what feeling uneasy or antsy could do in the situation. Could I make necessary changes if I am not really taking the time to ponder on what God wants for me but just doing things?  All these questions led me to the answer that it is always better to wait on God to get things right then to do them yourself and need help to fix the mistakes later.  I also learned that HE WILL FULFILL HIS PROMISES. How will I know his promises? That means I must stay connected, read his word, and listen to his voice. That is what it actually means to “heed” to his voice and commands.  Then, like a might rushing river overflowing, my perspective started to change.  I started to feel more hopeful and trusting of God.  I was like “ok, you promised it so you will deliver it, one way or another.” His Holy Word says,

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Victory over stress and worry was waiting on the other side of me waiting. How ironic! Sure, I cannot shield myself from any worry or doubt, but now I have a strategy to try before I start letting my mind run crazy with the potential issues or problems of life. Future steps to help deal with waiting and planning in your life is to: first ponder on what you need in your life, second talk to God and read his word to reassess if this was promised to you, and third ask God to help you to wait and look for his signs that he is delivering you through the problem or to your next level. Level up to God’s level. It gets no higher than that!!!!!

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