Challenge 7: 30 Days to Royalty Challenge


This challenge is blessed by the Lord because his word says,

“And you said, I will be queen forever, but you did not consider these things or reflect on what might happen.” Isaiah 47:7

“Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in glory.” Mark 10:37

Sometimes, I feel like the queen in this verse.  I know the Lord has promised me to be a queen, his queen. But it is hard to remember that when people around us bring us down, little by little.  For this challenge, I decided that I would remember who God made me and who I am, which is royalty. I want to one day sit at his right hand just like the disciples James and John had requested.  So, how was I going to overcome the challenges, and people who make me feel less than?  By the grace of God, I made up my mind to tell myself everyday for 30 days these affirmations:

  1. I am a queen.
  2. I am God’s child. 
  3. I will be respected.
  4. I will not stand for less.
  5.  I will live an abundant life like in John 10:10.
  6. I will have joy.
  7. I am a strong, with God’s strength in me.
  8. I will move forward pressing toward my dreams.
  9. I love me!
  10. God loves me more than anyone else could!

These are affirmations that were more than just words. These affirmations were necessary to help me heal wounds, that were deep inside of me. As well as give me a purpose to move on and live happily.  See a queen or king does not live a peasant life! No, they want the best of everything and do whatever is necessary to protect their crown and watch the throne. I once heard in a sermon by Michael Todd of Transformation Church entitled, “Watch the Throne.” He is a pastor of a mega church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He gives real-life, no nonsense examples of what we need to have a successful relationship with Christ.  I watch many of his sermons after they are streamed online.  In this particular sermon he basically said, 

Who is the Captain of your heart? Is it a person, wealth, our jobs, or even negative thoughts like worry?  Whomever we give our trust to is the captain of our heart.  And You can’t just let anyone or anything be on the throne of our heart.  We really need to “Watch the Throne.”

I was determined that on the throne of my heart would be hope and joy in Jesus first. He was the true captain of my heart. I just needed a way to tap into the strength needed to move other things out of the way and truly believe this fact.  As I began this challenge, I examined what in my life appeared to take up so much negative space and begin to move it out.  I realized it was worry and doubt. It was also feeling like I needed to defend myself against the attacks of the devil through loved ones close to me.  A real deal scenario is that I could not stop someone from arguing with me or making me feel small at times, but I would rise up as a queen no matter what. 

From this challenge, I learned that I can rise up as a queen by not needing to fight others. If I showed everyone in my life, that I would not stand for less in a calm, cool, collected, and stern way, I wouldn’t even need to argue.  I also learned to love myself more so that I will respect myself more. True royalty does not get caught up in the gripes of the world, they take the time to call upon God to take their true, rightful place in God’s Royal Court. How could this concept be applied practically and rationally?  I began to internalize these concepts as I said the affirmations daily.  The more I internalized, the more I believed, and the less I needed to even say the affirmations at all. I truly began to believe them!  I started to approach my daily outlook with positivity and try counteract apprehension with emotional stability.

Every week and sometimes even daily, I dealt with some sort of struggle. But I did my best to keep my cool and to maintain my joy.  It is truly possible to have true joy within yourself. Of course this is after knowing that God has control of your life and come what may. God is the anchor to our ship and the captain of our heart so why worry? Sometimes, I still have to stop and tell my self an affirmation or promise of God through his word to get me back on track. Other times, I have to take deep breaths and take the situation moment by moment until I calm down.  Let me tell you, this does not mean there will not be challenges and some hard, sleepless nights.  But even in the midst of the storm, at some point, I see a little light shining through the clouds, that eventually turns into a full, blazing sunny day!!! GOD IS IN CONTROL. I AM HIS ROYALTY. HE IS THE KING AND I AM HIS QUEEN. YOU ARE ROYALTY AS WELL. KINGS AND QUEENS IN YOUR OWN RIGHT!!! Never forget to “Watch the Throne” of your heart.

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